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Estate Planning w/ Alzheimer's or Dementia

Every 70 seconds someone in the United States develops Alzheimer's.

What does a family do when a loved one is diagnosed with dementia? What steps should the family take, and when, in order to protect the person who has the disease, protect his or her spouse, provide for their care now and later, protect assets from liens and maximize the person's ability to obtain valuable benefits?

NOLAN ELDER LAW, LLC is a law office that provides answers to families facing the diagnosis of dementia. NOLAN ELDER LAW, LLC is a niche law practice that does not handle what other law firms handle. The firm does not handle divorces, criminal defense, real estate closings, traffic court or any of the usual "general practice" type of law many lawyers provide. Instead we limit our work, our attention, to providing creative solutions for families who are dealing with dementia.

Almost any attorney will tell you that you will need to review your estate plan when you have been diagnosed with dementia. Updating estate planning documents is only the beginning of a comprehensive approach to caring for the client and his or her family, however. If that is all the attorney can tell you, perhaps you need another attorney!

Alzheimer's Disease follows a predictable course. You should too. Do not let time be your enemy. By the time many people are diagnosed with Alzheimer's, it is too late for them to execute the legal documents needed to protect themselves and their families. Your family has suffered a terrible tragedy. Do not compound the tragedy by losing valuable time, options and benefits that you might be entitled to. Act today. Call our office for a confidential and complimentary consultation. Learn what your options are. The disease has taken a loved one. Don't let it take your hope, your security, your options.

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